Personal Information Protection

Personal Information Protection Policy

SIIX Corporation (hereinafter, the “Company”) declares, with respect to personal information of its customers, business contacts and other concerned persons used by the Company in connection with its business, to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and other codes, and to give due consideration to international trends, relating to the protection of personal information, to establish autonomous rules and systems, to specify the personal information protection policy as follows, and to execute and maintain such policy.

  1. For the purpose of executing the declaration, the Company establishes “SIIX Corporation Personal Information Protection Regulations,” improves and maintains the Regulations by causing our employees (including regular officers and staff, dispatched workers, and others) and other concerned persons to thoroughly and completely become familiar with and practice them.
  2. For the purpose of preventing loss, destruction, alteration, leakage or other accidents of personal information, the Company shall take all reasonable security measures including countermeasures for unauthorized accesses and computer viruses.
  3. When acquiring personal information, the Company shall use lawful and fair means and shall not acquire such information by any illegal means, as a matter of course, and shall obtain the consent of the principal regarding the purposes of utilization or shall notify the required matters on our website on the internet.
  4. If the Company acquires personal information indirectly, it shall ensure that the provider acquires it from the principal in an appropriate manner, provide contractual arrangements, and notify required matters, such as the utilization purposes of the personal information, on our website on the internet.
  5. The Company acknowledges that the principal of any personal information has the right of requesting disclosure, correction, cessation of utilization, erasure and the like for his/her own personal information and accepts these requests of the principal promptly without objection.
  6. When utilizing personal information jointly with a third party or depositing personal information with a third party for commissioning services, the Company shall research the third party in question, execute a necessary contract, and take all necessary measures as required by applicable laws and regulations.
  7. The Company shall establish the following principle for specific actions for the collection and handling of personal information.

Principle of using personal information

  • Personal information must be utilized only by persons who are duly authorized according to their specific duties within the scope of the collection purposes and strictly to the extent necessary for performing the duties.

Prohibited matters

  • The Company prohibits the provision of personal information to third parties in principle.
  • The Company shall not engage in acts of personal information leakage including utilizing the information for unintended purposes, moving the information from its usual place of utilization, and transmitting the information to outside persons.
  • Employees of the Company must not notify the contents of any personal information that they could come to know during the course of performing their duties to third parties without permission nor use the information for unjust purposes. Employees shall be subject to the same obligations even after they leave their jobs relating to the said duties.
  • The Company shall not collect, utilize or provide any special care-required personal information containing the following contents:
    1. (1)Matters concerning a principal’s race, creed, social status, or medical history;
    2. (2)Matters concerning a principal’s criminal record, facts of having suffered damage by a crime;
    3. (3)Physical disorders, intellectual disabilities, mental disorders (including developmental disorders);
    4. (4)Results of health examinations and other checkups (“Health Examinations, etc.”) for the prevention and early detection of illnesses;
    5. (5)Facts that a principal has received guidance, medical care, or dispensing of pharmaceuticals by medical doctors for the improvement of his/her mental or physical condition;
    6. (6)Facts that procedures were taken for criminal cases including arrest, investigation, attachment, imprisonment, institution of public prosecution, or the like.

December 2022

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Handling of personal information (purpose of use, etc.)
Procedures for Requests for Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information




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