We offer product & OEM sensing solutions (standard or customised) for

  • High-resolution colour detection and communication(e.g. CIE, LAB, RGB)
  • Quality control based on colours or substances during manufacturing
  • Metrics related to personal profile of hair, skin and teeth
  • Food quality and freshness control
  • Measurement of illumination sources and CRI (e.g. LEDs, displays)
  • Measurement of plasma and wafer quality in semiconductor manufacturing
     Many more…

Spectroscopy from Lab to Pocket

Compact, cost-effective and research level performance in your palm – designed by spectroscopy experts, for the everyday user…


The dilemma of traditional spectroscopy systems

Spectroscopy is one of the most powerful and versatile technique for measuring colours and substances, yet it has traditionally been too complex and costly for large scale applications such as IoT or consumer goods.
There are three types of spectrometers: Filter, grating and interferometric based devices. While interferometers outperform all other methods in terms of efficiency, spectral range and resolution, they are also fragile and costly.

A revolution in compact spectroscopy

Attonics translates the architecture and scanning optics of high-end interferometers into a single nano-structured chip, thus converting conventional table-top solutions into portable and low-cost spectroscopic devices that fit into your palm or consumer product.





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