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Compliance & Working Environment

Promotion of Working environment and the “Work life balance”

We have worked on and have aimed at better working environment for diversity worker makes it possible to maximize their ability.

The acquisition of certification ‘Osaka city female employees leading company’

At SIIX were certified as ‘Osaka city female employees leading company’ on March 1 of 2018.(certification level★★) The certification is established in January 2015 to promote women’s empowerment, and we were certified 345th enterprise.
We SIIX acquired the best grade, two stars, after consideration of some point such as whether it is possible for motivated women to work for a long time, the balance between their life at work and private is considered, and the substantial support for male employee’s participation in child-raising and housework and regional activity is actually done.

Promotion of Work-from-home and Shortening Working Hours

At SIIX, one of the ways that we support our employees that have children and family members with nursing needs, and make it possible for them to maximize the balance between their life at work and life outside of work, is by promoting working at home and shortening working hours for our employees. We will keep supporting our employees so that they can find a balance between work and childcare.

We will be actively working on not only the “Work-life-balance” and women’s empowerment but also the promotion of the various ways of working.

AEO Certificate

We, SIIX, got approved AEO certificate, given to the company which improves its security management of import cargo and legal compliance, on June 5, 2017 by Osaka Customs.

AEO certificate exempts the company from check and examination for tax payment of import declaration, permits the company income tax declaration after receipt of freight, and makes import declaration prompt and smooth. We keep not only strengthening security management of import cargo and compliance but offering high-quality and efficient service to our clients.

Authorization ceremony (photo left: Yoshihito Kikyo, President, SIIX Corporation)