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CSR Initiatives

Corporate Mission

“We contribute to the activation of the social system and the progress of humankind by pursuit of the effective use of the world’s resources”


The SIIX Group Code of Conduct:

We have always carried out our corporate activities based on the Corporate Mission and Corporate Objectives. However, the environment surrounding our company has been changing drastically, including the rapid progress of globalization of economic activity and global-scale environmental issues, and we have entered an era in which corporate social responsibility is being demanded even more strongly. This means that higher levels of ethical standards and social contributions, not simply “compliance and fairness”, are being demanded by society today - standards and activities that contribute to the realization of sustainable society. These include such things as contribution to the global environment, contribution to the community, contribution to the maintenance of security arrangement and so on. Fulfilling such social responsibilities in these ways as a public entity of society has thus become an essential key today for us to become a company that “engages stakeholders and awakens a sense of shared values in all stakeholders”, which is a part of our Corporate Objective.

With such a background, we decided to formulate The SIIX Group Code of Conduct, which includes the compliance of laws and regulations of course, and also the concepts of corporate ethics and social responsibility, and then share it in the entire SIIX Group to aim at a company group trusted even more by society. This Code of Conduct is designed to help us realize our Corporate Mission and Corporate Objectives by providing specific standards and guidelines that should be observed in individual business activities. Using the Code of Conduct as a compass for our right direction of business activities, we will at all times strive to perform operations with integrity and ethics, prioritizing the compliance of laws and regulations and the respect for social rules, not simply being held to short-term profits and business success.

Summary of the SIIX Group Code of Conduct

Standard 1: Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Company Rules
We (people working for SIIX Group) will well understand and observe all applicable laws and regulations of each country or region where we do business, as well as internal company rules such as the articles of association, internal policies and so on.
Standard 2: Practice of Fair and Open Management
We will not engage in any acts or behaviors that conflict with the interest of SIIX Group Companies. We will also respond to any anti-social forces with a firm and uncompromising attitude and will never provide money or other types of economic benefits to them. In addition, we will strive to maintain sound relationships with the governments and public administrations in the development of our business operations.
Standard 3: Ensuring the Safety of Products and Trust of Customers
We will strive at all times to ensure the safety and quality of our products and services and will make every effort to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.
Standard 4: Fair and Sound Economic Activities
We will abide by all antitrust (competition law) and other related laws and regulations that govern economic activities of enterprises. Furthermore, we will eliminate any acts of unfair competition and dedicate ourselves to fair transactions in all of our economic activities.
Standard 5: Fostering a Healthy Workplace Environment
We will respect the personality and individuality of each employee. Based on this mutual respect and understanding, we will strive to maintain a safe and satisfying workplace environment.
Standard 6: Harmony with the Community
We will mutually respect the culture and practices of different countries or regions, and will engage in contributions to the development of the local community through corporate activities rooted in our respective regional area of operations.
Standard 7: Environmental Preservation
We will observe all applicable laws and regulations, international agreements and the like related to the environment. We will strive to save resources and preserve the global environment.
Standard 8: Protection and Management of Corporate Assets
We will protect our tangible and intangible corporate assets. We will also make contract-oriented dealings the basis of our business, and will eliminate any speculative dealing.
Standard 9: Privacy Protection and Corporate Information Disclosure
We will respect the privacy of individuals and appropriately obtain and handle personal information. In addition, we will disclose corporate information appropriately and proactively in order to increase the transparency of our business operations.
Standard 10: Implementation of the Code of Conduct
We will take appropriate measures to make this Code of Conduct well known to all management people and employees and will promote the establishment of internal systems for thorough implementation of this Code of Conduct. In the event of a violation of this Code of Conduct, we will make an investigation and account of the cause and responsibility of the violation, and take disciplinary actions based on the corporate working regulations, etc.