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Message from Chairman

Spirit of "We care"

The 21st Century foists us into the midst of drastic change. For brand-new business model and sense of value, company is necessitated to struggle for survival beyond the bounds of businesses of all types and scales, systems, and regions. At SIIX Corp., we have grown together with global change and fierce competition for about 60 years, including the period when we were part of Sakata Inx International Division. However, not all has changed: there are tenets we hold true and intend to maintain in the future.
One is our unique concept of "zero". By "zero" we mean an insatiable desire and constant readiness to take up challenges, a belief that being empty-handed does not mean being incapable of action. Another is the sense of relationship with the many people who have supported SIIX until now. The concept of zero and this emphasis on relationships remain our most important driving forces for business expansion. SIIX reaffirms its commitment to upholding this company philosophy while working to digest and apply the latest trends at the forefront of these ever-changing times.

In the electronics industry, Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) are emerging as the focus of attention because of the increasing need for outsourcing deriving from the progressing shift toward horizontal business divisions as opposed to a system where a single manufacturer produces all. SIIX has established a worldwide network to manage parts procurement, assembling, manufacturing and logistics. We provide integrated EMS services from up-stream to down-stream. One of our vital challenges is how to satisfy customers' requests for cost savings, shorter lead-time from R&D to mass-production as well as business efficiency. SIIX offers a platform providing partial or total business solutions. At SIIX, we care.

Shiro Murai