The History of SIIX Corp. - 1-Minute Look Back -

The foundation of the company traces back to 1957, about 60 years ago. An export section was created in the trading division of Sakata Shokai Co., Ltd (currently Sakata Inx Corporation), the ink-maker that was the company’s predecessor, and exports of electronic components to the Philippines began. After that, the company expanded its overseas business to include exports, imports, sales and three-country transactions involving electronic components and devices, various electrical products, electronic hardware and machines, etc., and in July 1992, hoping for the further development of this business, the overseas business section was spun off into an independent company and established as “Sakata Inx International Corporation”. This company was subsequently renamed “SIIX Corporation” in July 1998.

Since being spun off, SIIX has developed as a unique global company that provides EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) combined with parts procurement and logistics, aimed at a wide range of electronics areas including consumer devices, automobile equipment, and industrial equipment. The company is pleased to say that after listing on the second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange in 1999 and the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2000, it was assigned to the first section of both exchanges in 2005. The company’s business model, constructed with a focus on “overseas business” since the initial stages of its founding, is now standing right on the verge of a “global age,” which will provide a stage for even greater activities.

1957 - 1991 Foundation -


Set up export division in Sakata Shokai (currently Sakata Inx Corporation)
Commenced to export electronic component made in Japan to the Philippines.


Entered into capital participation with electronic instruments manufacturer and became exporter of them.
Commenced to export motorcycle, chemical products and transport machine.
Established the first joint-venture company in the Philippines and strengthened sales of motorcycle and chemical products.

1960 Established the first liaison Office in the Philippines.
1963 Established liaison office in Bangkok.
1964 Established liaison office in Hong Kong.
1968 Established liaison office in Sydney (closed in 2001).
1970 Got in business of OEM production and export of electronic organ.
Jointly established Hammond International Japan Inc with Hammond Inc in U.S.A.
Established liaison office in Taiwan.
Established liaison office in Los Angeles.
Established sales subsidiary company in Chicago.
1972 Established liaison office in Singapore.
1973 Established liaison office in São Paulo (incorporated in same year)
Established sales subsidiary in Düsseldorf.
1974 Jointly commenced production of motorcycle with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Established sales and logistics subsidiary in Singapore.
1975 Incorporated liaison office in Hong Kong.
1977 Commenced three-country transactions in Singapore, it was epoch-making in those days.
1979 Established joint-venture company in Singapore and commenced mounting circuit board.
1982 Became sales representative of Panafacom and commenced exports of PC mainly for Europe.
Commenced export of CRT monitor under SAKATA brand.
1988 Commenced mounting circuit board in Thailand. (it becomes flagship factory now)
1990 Established joint-venture company in the Philippines and commenced production of wire harness for automobile.

1992 - 2001 Incorporation -

July 1992

The Overseas Business Department of Sakata Inx became the 100%-subsidized independent firm (capital: 1 billion yen) named Sakata Inx International Corp. with a head office in Nishi-ku, Osaka.

May 1994 Sakata Inx H.K. Ltd entered into capital participation to form Panyu Kyokuto Sakata Electronics Co., Ltd. in China.
July 1994 Jointly established PFU Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd. with PFU Ltd. (currently PFU Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.)
March 1995 Jointly established Bando Sakata Ltd. in Hong Kong with Bando Chemical Industries Ltd. to commence the sale of copy machine components.
February 1997 Established Sakata Inx Logistics (Phils) Inc., sales and distribution subsidiary of electronic components, devices, etc., in the Philippines.
May 1998 Sakata Inx Singapore Pte., Ltd. entered into capital participation with the Thai electronic circuit maker, Stars Microelectronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
July 1998 The corporate name changed from Sakata Inx International to SIIX. The names of overseas subsidiaries and some affiliates also changed accordingly.
April 1999 Established PT. SIIX Electronics Indonesia, as 100 % owned EMS factories in Batam, Indonesia.
May 1999 Jointly established Eazix Inc.; the design and development firm in the Philippines.
July 1999 Established SIIX (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China to sell electronics parts and equipments.
September 1999 Listed in the 2nd Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
November 2000 Listed in the 2nd section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
December 2000 Increased its share-holding ratio to 100% in Charoen Sakata (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and changed its name to SIIX EMS (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
March 2001 Established Takaya SIIX Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a joint-venture factory in Shanghai, China with Takaya Corp.
August 2001 The new factory of SIIX EMS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was completed.
Established Sluzba SIIX Electronics s.r.o., joint-venture factory in Nitra, Slovakia.
November 2001 Established SIIX EMS (DONG GUAN) Co., Ltd., as 100% owned EMS factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

2002 -

June 2002 Capital participation in T.S. Pro Co., Ltd., professional after-sales company for electronic equipments in Japan.
July 2002 10th anniversary of incorporation.
April 2003 Recognition of ISO9001:2000 certificate.
April 2003 The new factory of Sluzba SIIX Electronics s.r.o. was completed.
March 2004 Recognition of ISO14001:1996 certificate.
SIIX EMS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was recognized ISO TS 16949.
SIIX EMS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was recognized ISO OHSAS 18001.
December 2004 Headquarters removed to SIIX Building (Chuo-ku, Osaka).
June 2005 Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section and Osaka Securities Exchange, 1st Section.
October 2005 Increased its share-holding ratio to 100% in Sluzba SIIX Electronics s.r.o., a joint-venture factory in Slovakia, and changed its name to SIIX EMS Slovakia s.r.o.
September 2007 Established SIIX MEXICO, S.A DE C.V., as a sales company in Mexico.
December 2007 SIIX Bangkok Co., Ltd. established Logistics Center.
December 2007 A Shareholder Special Benefit System newly was established.
April 2008 Recognition of ISO27001:2005 certificate.
October 2008 Tokyo Sales Department removed to SIIX Building (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
December 2008 Acquired 60% of issued share of U.S.A. ZAMA, Inc. and consolidated in SIIX group. (Sold all owned shares in December 2012)
April 2009 Established SIIX (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., as a sales company in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.
December 2009 Capital participation in TECHNO CORE INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.
March 2010 Established SIIX Electronics Co., Ltd., as the first EMS factory in Japan in Sagamihara, Kanagawa.
May 2010 Capital participation in TAKION CO., LTD.
November 2010 Established PT. SIIX EMS INDONESIA, as 100% owned EMS factory in Jakarta, Indonesia.
February 2012 Established SIIX EMS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. EMS factory in Shanghai.
April 2012 Involved in the business alliance with ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte. Ltd.
July 2012 The 20th anniversary of SIIX's foundation.
May 2013 Established SIIX EMS PHILIPPINES, INC., as 100% owned EMS factory in Laguna, Philippines.
September 2013 Established SIIX EMS MEXICO S. DE R.L. C.V, as 100% owned EMS factory in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
January 2014 Jointly established SIIX COXON PRESICION PHILS., INC., mold manufacturing and injection molding factory in Laguna, Philippines.
January 2014 Established Nagoya Sales Department.
April 2015 Established Tokyo Headquarters.
May 2015 Jointly established Guangdong Midea-SIIX Electronics Co., Ltd. with GD MIDEA HEATING & VENTILATING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.
January 2016 Established ASEAN Management Office in Singapore.
April 2016 Established SIIX U.S.A. Corp. Detroit Branch.
November 2016 Established SIIX Hungary Kft., as 100% owned factory in Nagykőrös, Hungary.
February 2017 Established SIIX HUBEI Co., Ltd., as 100% owned factory in Hubei, China.
August 2017 Established SIIX Vietnam Company Limited as a sales subsidiary in Hanoi, Vietnam.
October 2017 Jointly established Hefei Midea-SIIX Electronics Co.,Ltd. with GD MIDEA HEATING & VENTILATING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.