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Business Lines

In the current environment of further developing economic globalization, global manufacturing has now become usual.
SIIX is a unique global company that responds to various outsourcing needs in manufacturing from the “global procurement” which is the biggest challenge for global manufacturing to “logistics” and “Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)”.
SIIX is a company that cannot be pinned down to a “particular line of business.”


SIIX EMS is an outsourcing business that takes on all or some of the manufacturing of OEM makers, and is run on a global base including the procurement of required components.

We procure components and materials from around the world, including Japan, and manufacture products at our own and cooperating factories, which are spread globally.
SIIX EMS undertakes various types of manufacturing, including producing modules and some finished articles, outsourced from OEM makers, centered on circuit mounting on electronic substrates, which are used widely in electronics devices.
The feature of SIIX EMS is its one-stop service, including trading and logistics.


We offer DFM technical support services which improve development of method of production, design of circuit and process for OEM makers for their mass production.

One function toward improvement of productivity and product quality for OEM makers: DFM(Design For Manufacturability)
The other function toward proposal of efficiency for OEM makers: DFL(Design For Localization)
Both technologies are accumulated by our manufacturing know-how for long time EMS experience.



SIIX runs a global outsourcing business taking on all or some of the parts procurement work of OEM makers.

SIIX takes advantage of about 60 years of experience handling electronic components, a wide range of procurement sources not affiliated with big industrial groups and an excellent logistics network to provide a global electronic parts procurement service.
In addition, SIIX has arranged various logistics services in regard to delivery, including kitting, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and JIT (Just in Time) to support the inventory management systems of our customers.

In collaboration with our technology partners, we propose new plans and technologies to support our customers' commercialization.

By proposing new development plans and technologies in cooperation with our technology partners in the fields of optics, sensors, communications, IoT, robotics, raw materials, and energy management, we are able to provide not only EMS and parts procurement, but also a wide range of services from upstream development to finished EMS, as well as the development of new commercial materials. We offer a wide range of services, including trading.

Innovation Solutions Introduction

Supply Chain

We respond to our customers’ outsourcing needs, such as parts procurement, logistics, trading (import and export), and EMS, etc., to provide tailor-made services.

Main Product Lines

SIIX handles components, modules, circuit board mountings and finished articles, etc., incorporated in products like those shown below.

Automobile-related equipment Car audios, meters, front panel, Switch, various exteriors, motor, ECU, Quasi-millimeter wave rader, automotive camera, etc.
Industrial devices Engine igniters for power tools, Industrial audio visual systems, Industrial airconditioner, medical equipments, Industrial sewing machine, Smartmeter, etc.
Household electrical appliances Digital consumer electronics, air conditioner, audio equipment, health appliances, Consumer robots, etc.
Information equipment Scanners, Printers, etc.
General electronics parts
Other Wire harness, materials for motorcycle parts, Automotive parts, facilitys, printing ink, chemical products, miscellaneous goods, etc.